Vitalize 360—The Power of Wellness

Vitalize 360 combines an innovative, award-winning, person-directed approach to wellness coaching with the power of information derived from a scientifically-grounded assessment system. The program engages, challenges and inspires individuals to live full, healthy, vibrant lives and enables communities to demonstrate significant improvement in successful aging.

Vitalize 360 increases the quality and depth of engagement between staff and residents, a necessity for really knowing who your population is as individuals. It helps an organization make the critical shift from “what’s the matter” to “what matters most.” The web-based software supports the larger operations, and allows staff to record information and all the touch points along the way.

Organizations are able to be more strategic and predictive around health and wellness operations, and service utilization. For continuing care communities, the program can help individuals live vibrantly and independently longer, potentially freeing health center beds and services for individuals in the community at-large.

Outcomes data allows communities to evaluate individual and population health and wellbeing, and benchmark performance with other Vitalize 360 participating communities. The data also informs program development, strategic planning and quality improvements.

Vitalize 360 is a joint venture. Kendal and Hebrew SeniorLife have long recognized the importance of measuring and influencing outcomes for their respective organizations and for the aging services field. The program is designed to develop engaged cultures that embrace well-being, person-directed care and services, quality and continuous learning.

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