PA MAP-IT for Healthy Skin

Federally-funded (CMS) since 2011, PA MAP-IT (Manage, Assess, Plan, Intervene, and Teach) for Healthy Skin is an initiative that includes acute care, skilled nursing, personal care/assisted living, home care agencies, and wound clinics. Its aim is to reduce the high incidence of pressure ulcers among Pennsylvania residents and patients regardless of the setting in which they receive health care. The project was designed based on advice from experts and interested stakeholders who had a keen interest in improving outcomes for Pennsylvania’s citizens. PA MAP-IT has two major components ‒ a website that serves as a clearinghouse for information on preventing and treating pressure ulcers and the development of local continua of care responsible for implementing the MAP-IT for Healthy Skin project.

There are several continua across Pennsylvania and the eastern continuum has developed a series of short, YouTube-style videos for the purpose of educating the general public on how to care for their skin.  These videos are a fun educational foray into skin anatomy, care, and prevention of problems associated with the skin, especially pressure ulcers.  The continuum members believe that everyone, young and old, should know about their skin and the vital role it plays in our health.  We also would like people to know how to care for their skin and prevent problems from occurring as they age.  If there are any questions regarding skin care and pressure ulcer prevention, please do not hesitate to contact Kendal Outreach, LLC or members of PA MAP-IT for Healthy Skin initiative. Click Healthy Skin Shorts to view all five of the videos.

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