COLLAGE, The Art & Science of Healthy Aging

Launched in 2004, COLLAGE, The Art & Science of Healthy Aging** is a consortium of aging services organizations working to advance healthy aging and improve outcomes of older adults living independently. Members of the consortium ‒ continuing care communities, moderate-income and federally subsidized housing programs, and home care and community-based agencies ‒ use a unique, holistic, evidence-based assessment tool and person-centered process to improve quality of life and successful aging.

Measuring outcomes is critical; without them, communities don’t know whether their programs are having the intended impact on residents and the community. COLLAGE health and wellness data is the engine that drives all wellness program operations to help maintain and promote independence among older adults.

**Please note:  we no longer offer membership in COLLAGE. For more information about our new program Vitalize 360, please click here.

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