Advocacy, Care & Wellness Initiatives

Since 1987, Kendal Outreach has educated over 40,000 nurses and other long term care professionals through in-person programs, webinars and teleconferences. In addition, more than 200 in-person regional training programs have been offered on themes ranging from dementia care, falls and behavior, physical restraint reduction and pressure ulcer prevention, to, working effectively with families, interdisciplinary teams, and nurse leadership. Other educational accomplishments since 1987 include:

—Conducted in over 6,000 on-site consultation visits;
—Developing over 40 training sites that have hosted 450 training sessions for PA facilities;
—Provided support and education to organizations in 49 states, Canada and Australia;
—Received nine grants totaling approximately $12 million dollars;
—Developed or co-developed 12 major initiatives, including:

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