Using the Untie the Elderly® model, Kendal Outreach has continued to facilitate improved care by focusing on education — education that reaches local, regional, and national providers and their staff at all organizational levels. We work closely with interdisciplinary teams that may include residents and their families on improving healthy aging outcomes and quality care. Areas of experience include:

— Pressure ulcer prevention
— Physical restraint reduction and person-centered restraint alternatives
— Fall management
— Management of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia
— Polypharmacy and the elimination of unnecessary medications
— Creating safe sleep environments
— Pain management
— Person-centered dementia care
— Effective documentation
— Preventing resident abuse
— Preventing avoidable re-hospitalization
— Infection control
— Person-directed approach to wellness coaching

— Team building
— Leadership skill development for nurses
— Working with families
— Clinical audits for quality assurance
— Regulatory compliance and policy and procedure review

Kendal Outreach works in a wide variety of ways with the provider community typically through webinars, conferences, seminars, in-service programs, and consultation in an effort to improve the lives and care of older adults. We also serve the field of aging through advocacy by raising public awareness of priority action issues for the elderly.

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