Kendal Outreach evolved out of a rich history that began in 1973 with the opening of Kendal at Longwood. At a time when use of physical restraints in long term care was the norm in the United States, Kendal staff operated the community’s health center completely free of physical restraints. As their commitment to restraint-free care was affirmed, staff began to share their successes with others welcoming other professionals to visit the community and learn about providing this care.

In 1986, Kendal staff presented the first program on care free of physical restraints at the annual meeting of LeadingAge (then known as AAHSA), and the Untie the Elderly® program was born. In 1989, Kendal and the Senate Special Committee on Aging co-sponsored a U.S. Senate symposium on the elimination of physical restraints. Subsequent federal legislation was instrumental is facilitating significantly less restraint use nationally and abroad.

Since 1999, Kendal Outreach has been a representative to the national Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Veteran’s Administration, the medical bed industry, national health care organizations, patient advocacy groups, and other federal agencies. Kendal Outreach leads the effort to disseminate information nationally.

Kendal’s operational philosophy is rooted in the Quaker values of respect for the individual, community, equality, and financial integrity. Our long-standing commitment to maintaining the autonomy and dignity of the frail, elderly person through person-directed care underlies our dedication to promote the well-being and quality of life of those served.

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